We always have an answer

aqualia contact is the product of applying the latest communications technology to the quality of customer aqualiaoffers at all times. A modern service created to meet the needs of a society undergoing constant change.

Due to its technical characteristics, aqualia contact can meet the needs of each client anytime, anywhere:

  • A service that always answers
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Saves time and reduces the need for travel
  • Simpler procedures
  • Longer customer service hours

Greater accessibility from anywhere in the event of any problem.

A world of responses

In accordance with the philosophy of proximity that is a distinctive element of our customer service, aqualia has put in place major communication technology infrastructure to provide agile, prompt and effective customer service. This is a tool designed to provide appropriate responses to each question in order to convery proximity and trust, so that we can meet our commitment to satisfaction for each client.

In addition to facilities with which to access personalised customer service, aqualia contact is improving the operating capacity of aqualia’s customer service, broadening the range of processes and issues to be addressed in each request:

The functions of aqualia contact

aqualia contact provides answers...

...to customer service queries, performing the same functions as the office...

  • Connections, disconnections and account name changes
  • Answering queries
  • Resolving complaints
  • Changes to customer details
  • Direct debit details management
  • Other customer service functions
  • Collections

...the management of faults...

Information on faults

Coordination and management of faults

...and the reading of water meters by the customer