Aqualia develops and implements ecological and economically efficient technologies, processes and operating strategies, reducing the consumption of physical and energy resources. The progress of this increases the efficiency of the management of the water cycle in wastewater treatment plants, drinking water plants and desalination plants. It combines respect for the environment with added value for the products and services. These objectives are developed in the following projects: 

  • For sustainable
  • For optimising the treatment of brewing effluents: Life Answer
  • CIEN Smart Green Gas and RETOS Renovagas that improve the production of bio-methane, helping to convert wastes into energy value.

Ongoing Project

  • LIFE Answer      

        Advanced nutrient solutions with electrochemical recovery

  • H2020 Mides      

        Microbial desalination for low energy drinking water

  • ECO Innovation Cleanwater      

        Safe water disinfection by an innovative ion exchange membrane

  • CIEN SmartGreenGas   

        Energy value of wastes and effluents

Closed projects

  • RETOS Renovagas   

       Process for producing renewable natural gas