Aqualia works to develop innovative technologies and responsible solutions in the integral water cycle to build up a sustainable process from both the environmental and economic points of view. The wastewater treatment paradigm is changing with the conversion of a waste (wastewater) to various added value products as well as significantly reducing energy consumption. To overcome this ambitious challenge, various projects are being developed for treating water with microalgae consortia and bacteria with the main objectives of: 

  • 7thFP All-gas: production of ENERGY, compressed natural gas for vehicles (
  • H2020 INCOVER: production of raw material for the production of BIO-PLASTICS and other products of the value (
  • H2020 SABANA: production of raw material for the production of BIO-FERTILISERS and/or BIO-STIMULANTS as well as REGENERATED WATER for use in conjunction with bio-fertilisers (

The Sustainability Area has various objectives that are transverse to other areas in the department:

  • Convert WWTPs into energy factories on the road to self-consumption
  • Generate a ZERO discharge process 

Ongoing Project

  • H2020 Sabana      

        Sustainable integrated algae biorefinery for the production of bioactive compounds for agriculture and aquaculture

  • H2020 Incover       

        Innovative eco-technologies for resource recovery from wastewaster

  • LIFE Biosol Water Recycling       

        Bio-Solar Water Recycling: Demonstration wastewater treatment system dedicated to freshwater reuse and recycling

  • FP7 All-gas       

        Demonstration the large-scale production of biofuels based on the low-cost cultivation of microalgae

Closed Project

  • IDEA Regenera   

        Treatment of wastewater and production of bio-fertilisers through the cultivation of microalgae

  • INNPACTO Downstream    

        Optimisation of the industrial production and development of drying and storing microalgae

  • FP7 SWAT   
  • CDTI Sólidos sostenibles   

        Sanitation and energy optimisation of the anaerobic sludge digestion thermal hydrolysis


        Research on advanced technology for the comprehensive assessment of algae