Committed to the world around us

Currently, global water consumption is doubling every 20 years and the United Nations estimates that demand will exceed supply by more than 30% in 2040. This scenario is a major challenge for humanity and for companies that manage water.

Aqualia has taken on this challenge and has made Corporate Social Responsibility a part of its daily activity, ensuring that the social and environmental components of its operations are never overshadowed by its business decisions. 


CSR report

Each year, Aqualia publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. In this report, it sets out the commitments undertaken and measures implemented during the year.

Each report seeks to explore these commitments in greater depth, although it is no more than a brief comment on the ambitious policy for responsible management implemented since the aqualia brand was created.

Aqualia is an active member of the societies in which it is present. The social environment in which it conducts its business is a range of relationships that are important for the future of its business, and aqualia sees it as a forum for exchange and collaboration that goes beyond the service its provides.

Aqualia carries out its social action in a wide range of areas, as water is a backbone that is common to many of its activities. The company supports initiatives in education, culture and sport; collaborates with universities and participates in public and private projects of great social significance. Nevertheless, it also caters to the interests of the public and customers in areas where it operates, contributing to their initiatives.