This offers a portfolio of processes the objective of which consists of improving quality, guaranteeing efficiency and optimising the functioning of municipal and industrial installations related to the integral water cycle. Diverse advanced technologies are being developed within this area such as, for example:

  • AnMBR: combination of an anaerobic reactor with MBR membrane filtering to minimise environmental impact and maximise the use of resources. 
  • ELAN®: systems to eliminate nitrogen autotroph and for high concentrations of ammonia (single stage process, patent EP2740713 A1).
  • Aerobic granulation: biological system for treating wastewater based on the development of granular biomass that sediments at high speeds.
  • MABR: membrane aerated biofilm reactor.
  • Phosphorus recovery by precipitation of struvite to drive a circular economy.
  • Decentralised treatments: combination of advanced anaerobic, aerobic and disinfection processes to develop modular treatments applicable to small populated areas or small urban/industrial agglomerations.

Ongoing projects


LIFE Zero WasteWater

Positive energy waste treatment plant for combined treatment of waste water and bio-waste in populations < 50.000 I.E.

LIFE Infusion  

Intensive treatment of waste effluents and conversion into useful sustainable outputs: biogas, nutrients and water.

LIFE Reseau  
Retrofitting solution for increasing the resilience of urban wastewater infrastructures in heavy precipitation areas.

Closed Project


CDTI BESTF2 Biowamet   

AnMBR: Anaerobic systems for the transformation of organic matter into methane


Improvement in the treatment of wastewater in small populated areas

LIFE Methamorphosis    

Waste streams treatment for obtaining safe reclaimed water and biomethane for transport sector to mitigate GHG emissions

WATERWORKS Pioneer    

The potential of innovative technologies to improve the sustainability of wastewater treatment plants


Algae and energy for the recovery of wastewater from the Galician agri-food industry

LIFE Remembrane      

Recovery of reverse osmosis membranes at their end of useful life

INNOVA Inpactar   

Research into innovative compact systems for the reuse of industrial and urban wastewater


Research into treatment, reuse and control technology for the future sustainability of water treatment

INCITE MBR Trainasa   

Research and development of high load membrane bioreactors for treating and reusing urban wastewater in WWTPs in Galicia

INCITE ELAN Vigo Aqualia

Sustainable removal of nutrients for the reuse of effluents and wastes

INNPACTO Filene   

Low energy ultra-filtering system with ceramic membranes

INCITE ELAN Trainasa   

Optimising of the sustainable removal of nitrogen from wastewater.

MIMAM MBBR Hybacs   

Nutrient removal with bed technology (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor – MBBR).

LIFE Memory     

Membrane for Energy and Water Recovery.


Research for an energy-efficient removal of nitrogen from wastewater.