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New technology patented to desalinate water without external energy input

The technology, based on the microbial desalination cell, has been developed by Aqualia together with the IMDEA Water institute within the framework of the H2020 MIDES innovation project.



Aqualia will manage the water supply to one of the main industrial complexes in Saudi Arabia

Aqualia, through its Saudi Arabian subsidiary HAAISCO (Haji Abdullah Alireza & Co. Integrated Services Ltd), has just been selected to operate and maintain the desalination plant and the drinking water distribution system in the Jizan industrial area (Jizan City for Primary and Downstream Industries - JCPDI), in the so...


Recognition of the asset management carried out by Aqualia, which generates value for all its stakeholders

OSWS (Oman Sustainable Water Services SAOC) obtains AENOR ISO 55001 certification for asset management. The consortium, formed by Aqualia and the company Majis, manages the water infrastructures of the harbour of Sohar (Oman)


A campaign by Aqualia, awarded for its recognition of professionals who have worked in the water sector during the pandemic


Aqualia has won the European Excellence Awards (EEA) for its communication campaign "Who is behind the water we use at home?”


Aqualia and Caritas, this Christmas, closer than ever


Caritas and Aqualia have shared for years the a commitment to protect the most vulnerable. This year, with the health crisis we are suffering, Aqualia joins Caritas, collaborating with the social emergency fund that aims to alleviate the devastating effect of the coronavirus, both health, social and economic, helping 2...


Premiere of Brave Blue World, the documentary that presents the more sustainable future of water


The All-gas project, led by Aqualia and carried out at the El Torno wastewater treatment plant in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz), is one of the 12 innovative proposals included in this work, which is available to an audience of 193 million people worldwide


FCC's revenues remain stable despite the effects of COVID-19


During the first half of 2020, the revenues stood at EUR 2,822.2 million, 5.7%, less than the first half of 2019. This is due to the impact of the measures taken since mid-March in most of the countries in which the Group operates to combat the COVID-19 health crisis. With regards to the business areas, the effect was ...


Aqualia completes its presence in Mexico with the acquisition of EMSA, the operator of the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Cuernavaca, capital of the Morelos State


Aqualia has completed the acquisition of the Mexican company EMSA (Ecosistemas de Morelos) in an operation that will provide the company with an estimated portfolio of 28 million euros over the next 10 years.


FCC holds its 2020 General Shareholders Meeting


At its General Shareholders Meeting, FCC examined the results obtained in 2019 and approved all the items on the agenda, which included the financial statements, the management reports for 2019 and the distribution of a scrip dividend.


The strength of urban water systems in the face of the challenge of climate change


World Water Day 2020 invites us to reflect on climate change and its direct relation to water management. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) number 13 and 6 of the United Nations - "Climate Action" and "Clean Water and Sanitation" - call on society as a whole to join forces, promote alliances (SDG 17 Public-Privat...