Aqualia’s real commitment

Aqualia’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is carried out through three strategic lines that comprehensively cover all aspects of the company’s activity and the relationship with its stakeholders

CSR Master Plan

Strengthen the company’s ties with its immediate community and society in general, earning trust and credit through valueenhancing and added-value initiatives via social action, dialogue and the transfer of knowledge and experience.

Contribute significantly to the fight against climate change and reducing the impact on the environment and society. Boost innovation in sustainability and the company’s role in the new circular economy model.

Hone the company’s culture, endowing the organisation with exemplarity, skills, trust and pride, Xand mobilising our present and future employees around the strategic objectives of the Group.


The company is a benchmark in the sector and stands at the vanguard as a specialised, transparent and innovative entity. Thanks to a committed team with extensive experience, we are constantly striving to improve efficiency in production processes and optimise resources, clearly orienting our actions and policies around citizens.

Our way of working, the continuous advances in innovation and use of new technologies have enabled the company to fortify our leadership in the national market, which also appears in the international market with a strategy defined for solidifying the company’s international presence.

Sustainable development has a distinctively intrinsic role in Aqualia’s business model: the ability the combine the generation of a social benefit and fair profit yield for its activities puts the company in a privileged situation in the water management sector.

Aqualia’s commitment and responsibility vis-à-vis the municipalities where it carries out its activities go beyond merely rendering a service: Aqualia seeks to always contribute to improve the well-being of people and, in particular, the most vulnerable groups.