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           from the General Director


           It gives all of us who form part of Aqualia to present   With the launch of the Smart aqua app, we
           to you this eleventh edition Corporate Social Res-  have taken another step forward in the digital
           ponsibility Report for 2016. And for me personally   transformation of our services, to offer the public
           it is an excellent way — a special channel — to reach   a new window for real-time communication that’s
           out to all our stakeholders directly.              more convenient and simpler, enabling us to
                                                              respond more effectively and promptly to their
           If one thing makes us stand out at Aqualia it’s
           the role that sustainable development plays as a   needs and expectations.
           substantial part of our business model: combining   It’s important to stress that are of us — the
           generating social benefits with fair profits for the   company and the public — have a responsibility
           company puts us in a privileged position in the    when it comes to the efficiency and sustainabi-
           water-management sector.
                                                              lity of our water resources and infrastructure.
           And in this report we include a selection of Aqua-  Aqualia has continued to pursue a great many
           lia’s socioeconomic impact over the last year and   awareness-building actions targeted at all
           the company’s contribution towards the United      kinds of audiences. For example, in 2016 once
           Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),      again  we  have  organised  the  International
           approved by the UN General Assembly in New         Children’s Drawing Competition, now in its
           York on 25 September 2015 and officially in force   14th edition, setting a new record for entries
           since 1 January 2016. For the first time, these    with more than 10,000 children from Spain,
           goals now include the role of the private sector   Portugal and the Czech Republic taking part.
           (         The #DontThrowItAway campaign aims to build
           globalpartnerships/).                              awareness among the general public of the
                                                              proper use of sanitation systems.
           This report is intended to serve as a tool to leverage
           public/private partnerships in the water sector and   The links between water and the environment,
           the direct benefits that they can bring for society.   and the consequences that climate change
                                                              could have in the future, leave us no option but
           And we must never forget that our responsibility
           and commitment towards the local districts where   to act diligently in everything we do. This year
           we work is not limited solely to providing the     we have continued to make progress with the
           service but goes further than it. We always seek to   implementation and adaptation of the Energy
           contribute towards improving people’s well-being,   Management System under the standard ISO
           particularly for the most vulnerable groups. Thus,   50001, in order to comply with R.D. 56/2016
           in 2016, our initiatives have included renewing our   and reduce our carbon footprint yet further.
           partnership with Cáritas to cover payment for      This commitment towards the environment is
           water services for people at risk of exclusion. We   extended to our users through such initiatives
           have also reached a similar new partnership with   as “Switch to e-billing”, which aims to step up
           Vigo Council, helping us to identify and propose   the growing number of clients opting for elec-
           alternative solutions for families going through   tronic rather than printed bills, absolutely free of
           financial difficulties.                            charge, and since its launch has proved to be a
                                                              great success (more than 70% users compared
           Also this year we’ve continued working with the firm   with last year), making us one of the Spanish
           intention of improving not only the quality of the
           services we provide for more than 20 million people   companies with the most customers who taking
           all over the world, but also their experience as users.  advantage of this service.

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