REACTIVATOR ® decanter

Circular sludge contact decanter that combines chemicals, flocculation, and sludge contact in a common tank. It has a scraper system at the bottom which, along with suitable sludge purging, guarantees optimal functioning. Carefully designed by aqualia industrial, it allows the smooth running of the equipment. It is suitable for treating water with high variations in suspended solids content and a medium-high volume of flow. It guarantees a low solid content for the clarified water, as well as producing very dry sludge. Learn more

REACTAPAK ® compact purifier

A full set of compact equipment for purifying water, incorporating a single system for coagulation and flocculation, decantation and filtration. The mixing and agitation system guarantees sufficient coagulation and flocculation. The circular sludge contact decanter with scraper also incorporates lamellas for reducing the surface area of the equipment. The filtration is divided into two chambers which allow the continual production of water, even when cleaning filters. It has been designed by aqualia industrial to minimise the space and time required to run. Learn more

MONOVALVE ® , MONOSCOUR ®, MONOPAK ® gravity filters

aqualia industrial's wide range of gravity filters allows you to choose the right equipment for each use. Simple and effective, they require neither an external wash water tank nor cleaning pumps. Its own filter stores the wash water, which is carried out by gravity. Depending on the quality and speed of the work, they can have a sand filter bed or a double bed of sand and anthracite. In the case of the double filter bed, an air blower is installed to improve the efficiency of the filter. Made from metal or concrete, they treat the lowest to the very highest volumes of flow. Learn more

Pressure Filters

The pressure filters designed by aqualia industrial are made from the most appropriate materials for each application and can be used vertically or horizontally. With a double bed of sand and anthracite, they optimise the surface area of the filter and increase its efficiency, with the bed supported by a false base whose design guarantees minimum head loss. They have been designed to work under the highest pressure possible in their circuit. They make use of an automatic wash system that detects any head loss from the filter beds. Learn more

Ion Exchange

he ion exchange systems offered by aqualia industrial can be used for processes in which water with a low or with no salt or silica content is required. They are most commonly used in the energy sector for boiler feed water. Depending on the quality of the raw water and the make-up required, the most suitable resins are selected and combined with exchange resin - cation, anion, mixed-bed - to achieve the required quality. After it is exhausted during the work cycle, the automatic regeneration system guarantees the recovery of the resin exchange power. Learn more

SEPRAHEIGHT ®, POWDEX ® Condensate treatment

The treatment of condensate is carried out in the energy sector to reinstate the characteristics that the condensate had before the water-vapour cycle. The different solutions offered by aqualia industrial allow the desired quality to be achieved, once the condensate has been characterised and the pressure conditions and required temperature in the condensate circuit have been identified. Different solutions for each use allow us to select precoat systems (without resin regeneration), systems with regeneration in the exchangers or external regeneration systems. Learn more

Tray and Scrubber Deaerator

This equipment has been designed by aqualia industrial to eliminate the non-condensible gases contained in boiler feed water, which cause corrosion. The right choice and subsequent design of the equipment allows us to guarantee the removal of O2 and CO2 for the various operating points - load rates, pressure and temperature - of the equipment. In the deaerators and heaters, this effect is achieved through venting, obtaining the effect of improving the thermal output and thus increasing the boiler feed water temperature. Learn more

RO desalination

Learn more