Legal Notice/Privacy Policy

1. Owner of the website

FCC AQUALIA (the Company), part of the FCC Group (, is the owner of this website (the Website). Its registered office is at Av. Camino de Santiago 40, 28050 in Madrid and its tax number is A-26019992. Electronic contact with the Company is available through the contact page.

The Company was registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, on 23 July 2002, Volume 17248, Folio 130, Section 8, Page M-58878, entry 369. The domain name through which you have accessed the Website is owned by the Company.

This domain name may not be used in connection with other content, products or services that are not owned by the Company and/or the FCC Group, or in any other way that may lead to confusion among end users or discredit the Company and/or the FCC Group.

2. Purpose

This Legal Information page sets out the conditions of use that govern access to and the browsing and use of the Website, as well as the responsibilities arising from the use, provision and/or acquisition of the products or services that may be offered, where applicable, and all related content, without prejudice to the fact that the Company may establish specific conditions that regulate the use, provision and/or acquisition of products or services that are offered to Users through the Website. In any case, those specific conditions will form an integral part of this Legal Notice.

By simply accessing the Website, filling out forms, sending information requests, submitting queries or complaints, offering your services, submitting your CV and, in general, carrying out acts of a similar nature through the forms and/or email addresses on the Website, you declare your implicit acceptance without reservations of the entire content of this Legal Notice and renders you a User of the Website. You must therefore carefully read and understand the content of this Legal Notice.

If the use, provision and/or acquisition of products or services is offered via the Website, simply by using and/or requesting them, you are accepting without reservations any specific conditions that have been established for such purpose and that will form an integral part of this Legal Notice.

3. Access to and use of the Website

Access to the Website by Users is free of charge. However, the use, provision and/or acquisition of any products or services that may be offered by the Company may be subject to prior fulfilment of formal requirements, such as filling in the corresponding form, paying expenses or fees and/or accepting beforehand any specific conditions that may be applicable thereto.

Mere access to the Website does not in itself imply the establishment of any type of commercial link or relationship between you and the Company, except where the appropriate steps have been taken for such purpose and you have fulfilled any prerequisites that are established.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the inclusion on the Website of information regarding products or services offered by the Company is purely for information and advertising purposes.

If you are required to register for the use, provision and/or acquisition of any product or service offered through the Website, you will be responsible for providing truthful and accurate information, guaranteeing the authenticity of all data entered when filling in the pre-established forms for accessing the products or services in question. If you are issued a password as a result of registration, you undertake to use it in a diligent manner and keep it secret. You are therefore responsible for the proper custody and confidentiality of any IDs and/or passwords that are given to you by the Company, and undertake not to allow them to be used by third parties, either temporarily or permanently, or to provide others with access thereto.

You will be solely liable for the use and/or acquisition of products or services by any unauthorised third party that uses for such purpose a password obtained through your negligent use or loss.

Consequently, you are required to immediately notify the Company of any circumstances that may lead to the improper use of the IDs and/or passwords, such as theft, loss or unauthorised access, so that they can be immediately cancelled. Until the Company is informed of such circumstances, it will be held harmless for any liability that may arise from improper use of the IDs or passwords by unauthorised third parties.

In any case, access to and the browsing and use of the Website and any use or acquisition of the services or products offered via the Website is under the sole responsibility of Users, who therefore undertake to diligently and faithfully comply with any additional instructions given by the Company or by the Company's authorised personnel with regard to using the Website and its content.

You therefore undertake to use the content, products and services in a diligent, proper and legal manner, in accordance with prevailing legislation and, in particular, undertake not to:

(i) Use them for purposes or in ways that are illegal, immoral or contrary to generally accepted customs or public order, or contrary to the instructions received from the Company.

(ii) Use them in ways that harm the legitimate rights of third parties.

(iii) Use the content and products and, in particular, any type of information obtained via the Website or the services to send advertisements, communications in connection with direct sales or any other type of commercial communication or unsolicited messages to a group of people, regardless of the purpose, abstaining from otherwise commercialising or disclosing such information by any means.

4. Liabilities and limitations

The Company cannot guarantee that the information provided via the Website is reliable, useful or true. Consequently, the Company offers no guarantee and accepts no liability for:

(i) The continuity of the content of the Website and/or the lack of availability of or access to the Website or its technical continuity

(ii) Errors in this content or the products

(iii) Viruses or other malware on the Website or on its server

(iv) The vulnerability of the Website and/or the violability of the security measures adopted

(v) The usefulness or performance of the Website's content or services

(vi) Any damage or harm caused, to themselves or a third party, by a person infringing the conditions, rules and instructions established by the Company on the Website or by breaching its security systems

(vii) Any other damage that may arise for reasons inherent to the failure or malfunctioning of the Website or any other websites that may have established links thereto.

Nevertheless, the Company states that it has taken all measures necessary, within its possibilities and the state of technology, to ensure the Website's operation and avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other malware to Users.

The Company makes every effort to avoid errors in the content published on the Website. All content offered via the Website is up to date and the Company reserves the right to modify such content at any time. The Company accepts no liability for any consequences that may arise from errors in the content on the Website provided by third parties.

Any communication or transmission of content that breaches the rights of third parties or whose content is threatening, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, racist, or violates a person's dignity, children's rights or current legislation, or any conduct that incites or constitutes a criminal offense is strictly prohibited.

Likewise, the inclusion or communication of content by Users that is false or inaccurate and that can or may mislead other Users or the Company's personnel, in particular content protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights owned by third parties where authorisation has not been obtained from the owner of the rights, that breaches or tarnishes the reputation or credit of the Company or any entity forming part of the FCC Group, that constitutes illegal, misleading or unfair advertising and/or contains viruses or any other electronic elements that may harm or hinder the operation of the Website, the network, the hardware of the Company or third parties and/or access to the Website by other Users is strictly prohibited.

The Company may ban any User engaging in any conduct including but not limited to that listed in this section from accessing the Website.

5. Intellectual and industrial property rights

The Company is the owner of or has obtained the corresponding licence for the intellectual and industrial property and the image rights of the content available on the Website, including, but not limited to, the text, graphic designs, drawings, code, software, photographs, videos, sounds, databases, indices, images, trademarks, logos, expressions, information and, in general, any other work protected by national or international treaties on intellectual and industrial property (the Content).

All intellectual and industrial property rights on the Content are hereby reserved and, in particular, any modification, replication, reproduction, public disclosure, transformation or any type of distribution of all or part of the Content contained on the Website, for public or commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited without express prior written authorisation from the Company or, where applicable, the owner of the corresponding rights.

Your access to and browsing of the Website will not, under any circumstances, be construed as a waiver, transfer, licence or assignment, in full or in part, of the aforementioned rights by the Company.

Consequently, it is forbidden to delete, evade or manipulate the copyright notice and any other data identifying the rights of the Company or of the copyright holders of the Content, as well as any technical protection devices, digital certificates or any other information and/or identification mechanisms that they may contain.

Use without consent from the Company or their legitimate owners of any references to commercial or registered names or trademarks, logos or other distinctive signs, whether owned by the Company or by third parties, is implicitly forbidden. Unless expressly stated otherwise, access to or use of the Website and/or its Content does not at any time grant you any right to the trademarks, logos and/or distinctive signs contained therein, as they are protected by law.

6. Links

6.1 Links from the Website to other sites

The Company may offer direct or indirect links to Internet resources or websites that are outside the Website. Such links are provided on the Website for information purposes and do not, under any circumstances, constitute an invitation to acquire the products and/or services offered or that may be offered on such target sites nor does it imply the existence of a tie, commercial relationship or a relationship of dependence with the owner of the target website. In these cases, the Company accepts no liability for the general or specific conditions to be considered in the use, provision or acquisition of such services by third parties and, therefore, cannot be held liable for them.

The Company does not have the power or the human or technical resources to ascertain, oversee or approve all information, content, products or services provided on other pages to which it offers links through its Website. Consequently, the Company cannot accept any liability for any aspect relating to these websites to which this Website links, including specifically, but not limited to, their operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of their products and services, their own links and/or any content in general.

Nevertheless, if the Company becomes aware that these links lead to activity or information that is illegal, constitutes a crime or may damage the goods or violate the rights of third parties, it will act with the necessary diligence to eliminate or disable the corresponding link as soon as possible.

Additionally, if Users become aware that the activities carried out through such third party websites are illegal, they should notify the Company immediately so that it can disable the link in question.

6.2 Links from other sites to the Website

If any User, entity or website wishes to establish any type of link to the Website, they must fulfil the following conditions:

(i) Obtain the Company's prior, express and written authorisation.

(ii) The link may only be directed to the Website's main page, unless otherwise expressly authorised.

(iii) The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must take you, by means of a click, to the main page and encompass the entire screen of the Website's main page. Unless the Company authorises otherwise, under no circumstances may the web page from which the link derives reproduce, in any way, the Website, include it as part of its site or within one of its frames or create a browser on any of the Website pages.

(iv) The web page from which the link is established must not in any way state that the Company has authorised such a link, unless that is indeed the case. If the company that creates the link from its page to the Website correctly wishes to include the brand, name, commercial name, label, logo, or any other identifying sign of the Company and/or the Website in its website, it must obtain the Company's prior, express and written authorisation.

(v) In any case, the Company prohibits the establishment of a link to the Website from web pages that contain illicit, illegal, degrading or obscene content, materials or information and, in general, that contravene morality, public order, current legislation, generally accepted social norms or are harmful to the legitimate rights of third parties.

7. Privacy Policy

The Company undertakes to process and collect personal data:

  • in a lawful, loyal and transparent manner,
  • in a proper and appropriate manner and limited to what is necessary,
  • in an accurately updated manner,
  • for as long as necessary.

The Company undertakes to respect the guiding principles of privacy by design and default, as well as proactive responsibility.

In any case, the data collected will be placed in a filing system under the Company's responsibility with the sole purpose of:

  • Managing the relationship with Users, as well as the provision of services offered through the Website (or about which you have submitted a query/request) and, in general, managing, developing and fulfilling the relationship established between the Company and those who provide their personal data through the Website.
  • Addressing possible job applications and manage the possible selection process. See clause section 'Send your CV'.
  • Answering your doubts and queries.
  • Sending newsletters (if you register in the Volunteering Website) or when you have given your consent or registered for a specific service. In this case, at the time the data is collected, you can opt to refuse to have your data used for that purpose. In addition, with each new newsletter, you can unsubscribe from the communications.
  • Sending you an SMS with the information on scheduled supply outages and service breakdowns.

Bear in mind that your data may be communicated to FCC Group companies to fulfil the purposes mentioned above, albeit only if necessary. FCC Group companies are all those companies or entities listed in the notes to the financial statements and published on the FCC Group website and whose activities are: i) construction, ii) integrated water management, iii) management of environmental services, iv) infrastructure, and v) management of citizen services.

When personal data is collected through the form, you must at least provide the data marked with an asterisk. If this necessary data is not provided, the Company will not be able to manage the requested service.

By supplying the data and/or completing the form(s), you authorise the Company to use your email address or telephone number as a means of communication. You also guarantee that the data provided is true, accurate, complete and up to do date, expressly consenting to its use, processing and communication for the purposes listed above.

If data from third parties is provided, the person who has provided such information guarantees that they have informed the third parties in question of the terms set forth in this section.

For more information about the processing of your personal data, go to the 'Data Protection' section.

In accordance with the provisions of Act 34/2002 of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, if you do not wish to receive electronic marketing communications in the future or wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter to which you may have subscribed, you may express said wish by sending an email to (in addition, each email will allow you to unsubscribe).

The Company has profiles on some of the main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Therefore, it is responsible for the filing system for all cases of the data of its followers, fans, subscribers and commentators. The Company may carry out processing as allowed by the social media platform for corporate profiles. The Company may inform its followers of its activities, services, etc. by any means allowed by the social network platform. Under no circumstances will the Company extract data from social media.

8. Duration and modification

The Company reserves the right to modify this Legal Notice and/or any specific conditions established for the use and/or acquisition of products or services provided via the Website, when it sees fit or in order to adapt to changes in the law or technology. Any changes will be valid and enforceable from the time they are published on the Website.

These conditions of use will apply for as long as they are displayed on the Website, until they are modified in full or in part, at which time the modified conditions of use will apply.

The Company may terminate, suspend or interrupt access to the content of the Website at any time without prior notice, in which case you will not be entitled to claim any type of indemnity. The prohibitions on the use of the content set out above in this Legal Notice will subsist after such cancellation.

9. Communications

For any communication with the Company, you should contact the Company at the postal and/or email addresses indicated above. Communications from the Company to Users will be sent using the contact information provided by the Users. You expressly agrees to the use of email as a valid means of communication and exchange of information with the Company.

10. Basic concepts

The headings of the various clauses are merely informative and do not affect, qualify or modify the interpretation of this Legal Notice.

In the case of a discrepancy between the provisions of this Legal Notice and any specific conditions that may be established with respect to the products or services offered on the Website, the provisions of the specific conditions will prevail.

If any provision of this Legal Notice is rendered null and void, in full or in part, or unenforceable by any court, tribunal or competent administrative body, this annulment or unenforceability will not affect the other provisions of this Legal Notice or any specific conditions that have been established.

Failure by the Company to exercise any right or provision in this Legal Notice does not constitute a waiver of that right, unless expressly acknowledged in writing.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice and the relationship between the Company and the Users and, in particular, the knowledge and resolution of any disputes, disagreements or differences that may arise, will be governed by and decided in accordance with Spanish legislation as regards applicable law and jurisdiction.

Nevertheless, in those cases where legislation allows the parties to choose a venue, the Company and the Users expressly waive any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled and agree to submit any dispute and/or litigation to the courts and tribunals of the city where the Company has its registered office, as set out in this Legal Notice.