The e-bill. Less paper, more environment

Although Aqualia's electronic bill is in a digital format, it contains the same information as the paper bill you receive.

More environmentally responsible

It reduces paper consumption and helps to preserve our forests.


You will no longer accumulate paper. You will be able to access your bills wherever you are and whenever you want, and you can save them on your computer.


You will receive your bill on the same day it is sent. If you wish, we can notify you by email.


You will be the only one who receives your bills and you can access the client area with your password.

Full legal validity

The e-bill has the same legal and tax validity as the paper bill.


The e-bill does not cost you anything. You can request to once again receive your bills on paper at any time.

Change to e-billing

Either through aqualiaonline, calling the Customer Service Centre or by sending an email to Indicate: the first name and surname of the person on the bill, contract number, tax code and email where you want the e-bill to be sent.