Aqualia and the SDGs Contribution to priority SDGs

Aqualia assumes the role played by the private sector to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and shows this in its daily commitment to promoting this culture within the company and amongst its stakeholders.

For this reason, as well as promoting campaigns to publicise the SDGs, it has identified and prioritised those to which the company contributes through its activity and its corporate commitments.

And, by listening actively we understand the importance that stakeholders give to Aqualia's contribution to the different SDGs, and we aim to respond to these expectations by providing the appropriate indicators.

As SDG 6 is Aqualia's main objective, the company is focussing on the metrics for each of the six specific goals in this SDG. Each has a link to other SDGs. This enables the creation of synergies that Aqualia aims to promote by monitoring and developing the established metrics.


Aqualia, the first end-to-end water cycle operator to accredit SDG contributions

With 51% owned by the citizen services group FCC and 49% by the Australian ethical fund IFM Investors, in June 2021, the company received recognition from AENOR for "incorporating sustainability into its principles and aligning its strategies with the SDGs that are most relevant to its activity".

This certificate attests to the intense efforts Aqualia has been making in all three facets: financial, social and environmental, equating to years working for sustainability, and endorses the company's commitment to leading the way in responsible and efficient water management.

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SDG, a related system

At Aqualia, our goal is to spread the 2030 Agenda to all audiences and achieve the necessary momentum for this 'Decade of Action'. To achieve these objectives, everybody's participation is necessary: governments, companies, civil society, and citizens. The agreement's strength comes from its universal nature and its ambitious 169 goals.

That is why Aqualia has prepared a video in which we explain the Sustainable Development Goals as they have never been explained to you before:


Our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Increasing the efficient use of water resources

    We have developed 13 patents for efficient water management, and 3 innovation projects for the smart management of water resources.

  • Integrated planning and cross-border cooperation

    We currently boast a presence in 4 of the 17 countries subject to extreme water stress: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman.

  • Recovering water-related ecosystems

    We develop biodiversity projects at 122 installations in protected areas.