Equality and diversity at Aqualia

Aqualia, as part of its commitment to guaranteeing gender equality (SDG or Sustainable Development Goal 5) and reducing inequalities (SDG 10), was awarded the Distinction of Equality in 2011 for its policy of equal opportunities between men and women. The Administration welcomed the increased presence of women in certain positions, the equality measures in selection processes, and the Company's stance against gender violence. The Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equality has granted extensions ever since, meaning that the company currently maintains the "Equality at the Company" distinction.

Diversity at Aqualia is reflected in aspects including but not limited to its adherence to the Diversity Charter, a European charter of principles signed by companies and organisations in Spain to enhance the visibility of their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In this sense, Aqualia is a member of the #CEOPorLaDiversidad alliance.  The initiative, led by the Adecco Foundation and the CEOE Foundation, aims to speed up the development of strategies that contribute to business excellence, the competitiveness of talent in Spain, and the reduction of inequality and social exclusion.

Furthermore, the company remains EFR-certified (Family Responsible Company). This certificate has a direct impact on the quality of employment, personal and professional development, equal opportunities, and support for the families of the workers in the workforce.

  • In this book, women from the local public administration share a reflection on their lives with Aqualia workers as well as the challenge that we all face achieving "a 50-50 planet in 2030" as promoted by the UN.


  • At Aqualia, we regularly demonstrate our commitment and involvement to raising awareness throughout society about the social and occupational integration of women through equality awareness campaigns.


  • Aqualia is staunchly committed to the fight against gender violence, which represents a critical preliminary step in achieving equality, development, peace, and the fulfilment of the human rights of women and girls.