Tertiary sand filtration, with PURASAND ®

Purasand® is a sand filter that has been specially designed and patented by aqualia industrial for the recycling and purification of water. Purasand® works continuously, with no need to be stopped for cleaning as the sand is continuously washed during the process, offering numerous advantages in comparison with pressure sand filters. Learn more


aqualia industrial also offers the MBR (membrane bioreactor) aerobic biological treatment as a complementary technology to the SBR, for covering 100% of sectors using aerobic biological treatment.

For this, aqualia enjoys firm relationships with the main membrane manufacturers and distributors, using every type of manufacturer according to their technical and economic profitability in each situation. Learn more

MBR + Reverse Osmosis

aqualia industrial already offers membrane bioreactors to numerous clients, together with tertiary reverse osmosis treatment for those cases in which is it required by law, for criteria relating to the salinity and conductivity of the water. In order to achieve this, aqualia has a team of engineers who design specific reverse osmosis systems. Learn more

Other: Ozone, UV, etc ...

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