The actions carried out in the field of desalination of seawater or brackish deserve special mention.

We have outstanding references in desalination by reverse osmosis, among which the desalination plants of Mostaganem and Cap D'Jinet (200,000 and 100,000 m3 / d respectively; Algeria), Jerba (50,000 m3 / d; Tunisia), Minera Candelaria (45,000 m3 / d); Chile) or Delta de la Tordera (62,000 m3 / d; Spain).

Together, our seawater desalination plants supply more than 2,400,000 inhabitants.


S.W.R.O. Mostaganem (Algeria)


Name: S.W.R.O. Mostaganem

Situation: Mostaganem (Algeria)

Date of operation: 2012

Flow: 200.000 m3/d

S.W.R.O. Cap Djinet (Algeria)


Name: S.W.R.O. Cap Djinet

Situation: Cap Djinet (Algeria)

Date of operation: 2012

Flow: 100.000 m3/d

S.W.R.O. Delta de la Tordera (Spain)


Name: S.W.R.O. Delta de la Tordera

Client: Agencia Catalana del Agua

Situation: Gerona (Spain)

Date of operation: 2010

Description: Reverse Osmosis

Flow: 62.000 m3/día

Delta de la Tordera

S.W.R.O. Bajo Almanzora (Almería, Spain)


Name: S.W.R.O. Bajo Almanzora

Client: Ministerio del Medio Ambiente

Situation: Almeria (Spain)

Date of operation: 2011

Flow: 60.000 m3/d

S.W.R.O. Santa Eulalia (Ibiza, Spain)


Name: S.W.R.O. Santa Eulalia

Client: Ministerio de Medio Ambiente

Situation: Ibiza (Spain)

Date of operation: 2012

Description: Reverse Osmosis

Population: 42.000

Flow: 15.000 m3/h