Awareness-raising Education

The sustainability of water involves passing on responsible water habits to future generations, both in terms of its consumption and its return to the natural environment. Children are the best intermediaries when it comes to spreading messages about responsible use and knowledge of the urban water cycle to the rest of the family.

Visit, the educational online channel in relation to water management featuring educational activities related to water and focussed on children enjoying themselves while playing games related to topics like "how to take care of it" or "where it comes from at home"

Aqualia provides information about the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda to schools through the Digital Children's Drawing Contest organised every year, which raises awareness and educates little ones about the importance of water and the work behind the scenes before they turn on their tap and access quality water. Visit and get involved!

Did you know…?

Visit our YouTube channel (@AqualiaGestion) and access content related to the water sector. A platform designed for those who form part of the end-to-end water cycle from a technical, operational, social, environmental, and cultural perspective, with videos designed for all audiences.