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All our efforts, my team’s and my own, are aimed at making          The financial crisis was mentioned in this space last year. The
possible that citizens perceive us as a company with the            word “crisis” in Chinese has two roots: “risk” and “opportunity”.
capacity to provide welfare and quality of life, both individually  And this is what is meant to Aqualia. An opportunity that has
and collectively. This is the place that we occupy in the minds     allowed us to interact more with the customers we serve, we
of citizens for years. The collaboration with the Rey Juan Carlos   listen to them and understand their problems.You cannot accuse
University in the 1st Meeting for Human Rights or the employee      my team of not “working more in the field than in the office”.
campaign against domestic violence entitled “Yo con-tigo” are
examples of our connection to the real problems of people we        Companies are a powerful tool to improve the world that we do
work for.                                                           not like, that is the key of the Social Responsibility. Aqualia, in
                                                                    its scope of action, is willing to continue to devote every effort
2.5 billion Internet users and 7 billion mobile phones form         to maintaining an accessible, innovative and different company
a network of networks, a human network whose scope we               position, focused on people and also on telling you next year.
must analyse for their profound impacts. Aqualia is sensitive to
these changes and that is why our annual International Drawing      Félix Parra Mediavilla,
Children Contest in its 12th year, has been developed in a digital  CEO of Aqualia
environment, generating 30,000 visits and a million page views
on the microsite. The development of Smart Projects such
as “UrbanWater” in the Czech Republic or “Smart Water” in
Santander stand out as the most advanced in Europe from the
point of view of new technologies for water management.

The 21st century’s company is already defined and we feel
really comfortable in this new era of innovative business models
focused on citizens, austere and where the clear leadership with
clear and shared objectives stand out. The celebration of the 42
years managing the complete water cycle in Linares (Jaén) is
a proof of that.

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