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09 G4-17                                           AREA I                            Castilla y León, Castilla - La Mancha, Madrid, the Canary
                                                  AREA II                            Islands, Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias, the Basque Country,
                                       Aqualia's  AREA III                           La Rioja and Navarra.
                               Senior Management  AREA IV
                                                  AREA V                             Aragón, Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia and the Balearic
                                       Corporate                                     Islands.
                                                                                     Andalusia and Extremadura.


                                                                                     Aqualia Infraestructuras.

Aqualia involvement in business associations

                         Domestic                                                    International

❙❙Spanish Association of Water                    ❙❙Business Association of the      ❙❙International Desalitation       ❙❙Power & Water Forum Arabia
 and Sanitation (AEAS)                             Water Sector in Andalusia          Association (IDA)                  Advisory Committee (Saudi
                                                   (AESA)                                                                Arabia)
❙❙Water and Sanitation Supply of                                                     ❙❙International Water Association
 Andalusia (ASA)                                  ❙❙Association of Employers of the   (IWA)                             ❙❙Water Advisory Committee
                                                   Water Industry in the Balearic                                        Ditchley Foundation (UK)
❙❙Water Services Group of                          Islands (ASAIB)                   ❙❙ EUREAU
 Catalonia (ASAC)                                                                    ❙❙Smart Water Networks Forum       ❙❙National Association of Water
                                                  ❙❙Association of Water Supply and                                      and Sanitation of Mexico
❙❙Spanish Desalination and Reuse                   Sanitation in the Community of     (SWAN)                             (ANEAS)
 Association (AEDyR)                               Valencia (AVAS)                   ❙❙Association of the Water Supply
                                                                                                                        ❙❙National Chamber of the
❙❙Spanish Association of Water                    ❙❙Company Association of Urban      and Sanitation Sector in the       Construction Industry (CMIC)
 Services to Populations (AGA)                     Water Management in the            Czech Republic (SOVAK)
                                                   Canary Islands (ACEAGUA)          ❙❙Association for Water            ❙❙Latin American Association of
❙❙ SEOPAN-AGUA                                                                        Management in the Czech            Desalination and Water Reuse
❙❙Spanish Association for the                     ❙❙Canary Islands Water Centre       Republic (SZSTT)                   (ALADYR)
                                                   Foundation (FCCA)                 ❙❙Czech-Polish Chamber of
 Defense of Water Quality                                                             Commerce                          ❙❙Federacione Italiana
 (ADECAGUA)                                       ❙❙ ACLIMA                          ❙❙Association for the Development   delle Imprese dei Servizi
❙❙National Association of                         ❙❙Modern Foundation                 of the Moravia and Silesia         Idrici Energetici e vari
 Manufacturers of Capital Goods                   ❙❙Biomass Technology Platform       Region                             (FEDEREUTILITY)
 (SERCOBE)                                                                           ❙❙Operators Association of Supply
❙❙Cooperation Fund for Water and                   (BIOPLAT)                          and Sanitation in the Czech       ❙❙Associacao Portuguesa de
 Sanitation                                       ❙❙Centre of New Water               Republic                           Distribucao e Drenagem de
❙❙ IMDEA-AGUA                                                                                                            Águas
                                                   Technologies (CENTA
                                                   Foundation)                                                          ❙❙Associacao das Empresas
                                                  ❙❙Urban Cluster Zinnae for                                             Portuguesas para o Sectro do
                                                   Efficient Water Use                                                   Ambiente (AEPSA)

Leading, innovative, committed

Although water is apparently a natural product, it will only                         stations depending on the different uses to which it is intended,
be ready for consumption if it is in constant surveillance by                        to distribution and collection of wastewater for further treatment
specialized professionals which are involved throughout the                          and return to the source from which it was obtained under
process of the water management cycle.                                               optimal conditions, which may not harm the environment. In
                                                                                     short, the process ranges from the supply of drinking water to
The water management cycle ranges from collecting surface                            the treatment of waste waters.
water or groundwater, purification and processing in treatment

                                                  Aqualia examines each ofthe
                                                  stagesthat comprisethe complete
                                                  water cycle managed, optimizing
                                                  resources for sustainable

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