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02.01 Aqualia:
                 solutions that add value.


❚❚Respect for the environment in all our actions.
❚❚Fighting climate change, based on:

  ƒƒEnergy efficiency.
  ƒƒCarbon Footprint Assessment.
  ƒƒWater Footprint Assessment.
❚❚Dialogue with all our stakeholders.
❚❚Integration into the society we serve to add value to our financial, social and environmental impacts.

Enrique Hernández
Corporate Responsibility and Management Systems Managing Director

Aqualia, one of the largest water management companies in the        Aqualia has consolidated its leading position in the domestic
world, is one of the three main lines of activity of FCC, one of     market, which is also embodied in foreign markets with a clear
the largest European groups of citizen services. The company         strategy to secure an ambitious but prudent internationalization.
offers the market all the solutions to the needs of institutions
and public and private agencies in all phases of the integral water          Serving more than
cycle and for all applications: human, agricultural or industrial.           23.5 million people

The organization is present in more than 1,100 municipalities in                          in 22 countries
22 countries and serves a population of over 23.5 million people
worldwide.                                                                        36%

Aqualia isthe first Spanish company                                    of the private management market of
in its sector,thethird largest private                                        national water. Source: AEAS
water company in Europe and sixth
inthe world. Serving morethan 23.5
million people accordingtothe latest
ranking ofthetrade publication

   Experience in the                                                 Strong knowledge
management of water                                                  of the institutional

          utilities                                                           client

  Recognized                                                            Technological
internationally                                                      innovation in each

                                                                        business area

       Innovative                                                    Benchmark in the
management models                                                       water sector

     Aqualia offers its customers a high standard of quality in all its products based on its extensive experience in the management of
     the water cycle, knowledge of its customers and their motivation in the use of new and innovative technologies.

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