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The collection of water carried out by the company and its                                                          Aerial view of the WWTP La Ranilla.
adaptation for human consumption includes strict quality control,
distribution and after-treatment, to return it to nature in quantity
and quality, carrying out an efficient and sustainable usage of
the resources and materials used in the process.
In addition to managing public services -Aqualia’s main activity-
the company has opted for diversification, becoming the only
company in Spain, and one of the few in the world capable of
providing any services linked to the different uses of water.

At present, Aqualia is the leader in the Spanish market with
a penetration of 34% in the market for outsourced water
management, providing solutions all over the country and serving
more than 850 municipalities and 13 million inhabitants.

                                                                      Aqualia Infraestructuras and Aqualia
                                                                                       Industrial manage

                                                                      20 facilities and more
                                                                      than 25 million m3 of

                                                                           treated water

                       Worker from the municipal waters of Oviedo.

Vigo                   Oviedo                    Santander                         WTC Burgos                       Lleida
                                                                                                                    Complete water
Complete water management Complete water cycle   Complete water management Water Volume 75,000 m3/d                 management

                       management                                                                                   Lloret de Mar
                                                                                                                    Water supply
Ávila                                           4,000,000 h                        1,350,000 h                      WWTP Baix Llobregat
Complete water                                                                                                      (Barcelona)
management                                                            4,600,000 h                                   Water Volume 420,000 m3/d
                                                                                                                    Alcoy (Alicante)
Salamanca                          530,000 h(*)                                                                     Water supply and sanitation
Complete water
management                                                                                                          Ibiza
                                                                                                                    Complete water
Alcalá de Henares                                                                                                   management in the capital
Supply and sanitation                                                                                               supplying 9 municipalities in
                                                                                                                    the Islands
Extremadura (*)                                                                                                     IDAM San Antonio (Ibiza)
Badajoz                                                                                                             Water Volume 17,500 m3/d
Complete water
management                                                                                                          Denia
                                                                                                                    Water supply and sanitation
Jaén                                            2,400,000 h
Complete water cycle                                                                                                aqualia, THE COMPANY 11
management                                                                           Canary Islands
                                                                                     First private operator in the
Sanlúcar de Barrameda                                                                Islands
Complete water cycle

Complete water cycle
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