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italy       czech republic

Main projects and activities at European level:

                         Italy       ❚❚Improved network efficiency and performance of the management of the complete
                                       water cycle at 22 locations to serve 280,000 inhabitants in the region of Caltanissetta

                         Portugal    ❚❚The company is very active in Portugal since 2007 and over the next 25 years,
                                       Aqualia will manage wastewater for 41,000 inhabitants in Abrantes, Campo Maior,
                                       Elvas, Cartaxo and Fundao.

                                     ❚❚With the aim of achieving an improvement in the efficiency of the management
                                       of water services, ensuring compliance with sustainability criteria, Aqualia is
                                       participating in the AWARE-P project, led by LNEC (National Laboratory of Civil
                                       Engineering) and including the IST (Superior Technical Institute) university and

Czech Republic                       ❚❚SmVaK, Aqualia’s subsidiary in the Czech Republic, is serving more than 1.1 million
                                       people and is the main operator in Moravia and Silesia.

                                     ❚❚In late 2014 the OVOD company began implementing the “UrbanWater” project.
                                       It is the implementation of an intelligent system in the village of Janovice which
                                       will allow remote reading with fixed network of 600 customers as well as the
                                       automated management of its of drinking water distribution network.

                         Montenegro  ❚❚Aqualia has been awarded the contract for the design and implementation of
                                       Industrial Water Treatment in Pijevlja, a town north of Montengro and considered
                                       the third most populous city in the country. The new WWTP will treat the water
                                       from the city, with its first stage capacity equivalent to 28,000 inhabitants.

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