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Middle East

Another pillar in the expansion of the company is the Middle       The project commissioned by the National Water Company
East. In 2010, Aqualia won the first water management contract     (NWC) to FCC Aqualia aims to detect and repair leaks in the
awarded to a Spanish company in the Middle East. Aqualia           network of the capital, to reduce these incidents and increase
develops in the Saudi capital one of the most iconic DMA`s         the efficiency ratio.
(District Metered Areas) implementation projects worldwide.
Through the analysis and application of these sectors , over
2,890,000 inhabitants of the Saudi capital are benefiting through
the improvement of the service of the supply network service.

saudi arabia                                                       qatar
                                                                         united arab

Value-added services where Aqualia is present:

Saudi Arabia   ❚❚Aqualia optimizes the water supply network in Riyadh. The work the
                 company is carrying out in this area will optimize the water supply network
                 of the Saudi capital, with a network of over 6,000 kilometres. These
                 improvement operations allow to provide better services to more than
                 3 million people.

Arab Emirates  ❚❚Management of the sanitation system and water purification of the Abu Dhabi
                 Emirate’s East Area. A consortium led by Aqualia and the local company Mace
                 has been selected for a seven-year €76.3 million for the award of this contract.
                 This contract is the first awarded to a Spanish water management company in
                 UAE and includes the operation and maintenance of a wastewater sanitation
                 network of over 2,400 kilometres in size with 68 pumping stations and 19
                 wastewater treatment plants in the city of Al Ain (in the eastern region of Abu
                 Dhabi, on the border with Oman) and its surroundings.

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