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In order to achieve sustainable management in its services and                                                                        G4-25 • G4-26 09
ensuring a positive impact on society, the company applies its
Social Responsibility principles not only to their direct activity,   It also has an Internal Communication Channel for confidential
but also to all those over which it has control. Aqualia requires,    reporting of Code violations. In 2014 3 communications from
therefore, ethics and integrity in the field of its business and the  Aqualia employees have been received which have been
entire value chain. To this end, it has adopted a Code of Ethics      adequately dealt with.
which is applied in all countries where it operates, detailing the
principles of ethical, social and environmental behaviour required
by FCC for those who are part of it.

Main actions 2014

Aqualia operates in alignment with the FCC Corporate
Responsibility Master Plan 2011-2014. This Plan reflects, on
the one hand, the commitment to sustainability in all activities
carried out and on the other, it examines the short and medium-
term business strategy of the company.

FCC wants to be recognized as a leader in the design and operation of more suitable solutions for the transformation of
cities into more sustainable communities.

FCC CSR Master Plan Vision

The CSR Plan is structured into the following strategic priorities,                                                                   "ECO-CITIES"
actions and objectives:                                                                                                               OBSERVATORY

                                                                      ALMERÍA 2020

FCC is a catalyst for citizens  CONNECTION WITH THE PUBLIC            Sustainable Radar                                                                                                                                                Power Development
to be the protagonists of a     Transforming citizens into the        Active Sustainability
sustainable city.               protagonists of a sustainable city.   Responsible Commitment
FCC is a leader in the design   SMART SERVICES:                       Positive Impact                                                 H1 - H2 and H3 SupportTools  Government and Plan monitoring  RC operating programs of the areas  Services
of the sustainable cities of    Positioning FCC as a leader in the
the future.                     design of the sustainable cities of   Cities of the Future
                                the future.                           Climate Change

FCC is an example               EXEMPLARY CONDUCT:                    Integrity Framework                                                                                                                                              Infrastructure
of authenticity in its          Positioning FCC as an example of      Social Inclusion
commitment.                     its commitment authenticity.          People Development
2020 Positioning                                                      RSyS Public Attention
                                Strategic Priorities                  Value Chain

                                                                      Actions and objectives

                                                                                                               aqualia, THE COMPANY 21
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