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Aqualia, has focused during 2014 on two strategic priorities: Connecting Citizens and Smart Services.

Connecting with the public                                               Smart Services

Within “Connecting Citizens”, several courses of action have             Another strategic priority where Aqualia is involved is the creation
been developed and Aqualia has been active in the first one,             of “Smart Services”, with lines of action such as “Smart
“Learning continuously-Sustainable radar” whose purpose                  Cities” whose main objective is to actively participate from the
is to establish stable platforms for dialogue with local opinion         connection with society and from innovation in the design of
leaders focused on the future of the city and connecting the             future urban communities.
management of the company with trends and the needs of
future communities.                                                      In this context the signing of a cooperation agreement between
                                                                         the University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) and the FCC Group in
Aqualia defends inthis working group                                     2014 must be highlighted as noteworthy, for the creation of the
the importance of ensuring water                                         “Eco-Cities Trends” Observatory. Researchers and experts
supply forthe future andthe needto                                       identify through this platform, the great challenges facing the
make better use ofthis goodthrough                                       cities of the future in areas such as infrastructures, waste
its reuse                                                                management and water use among others. In addition, the
                                                                         project will involve the collaboration of the London Metropolitan
One of the dialogue platforms launched within this project is            University (LMU).
Almería 2020/Workbench with stakeholders, where Aqualia
has collaborated directly.                                               FCC considers it necessary to meet and anticipate the trends
                                                                         that will shape the communities in 2020, and involve both
This platform gives priority to addressing issues that are               citizens and their own employees in creating the best solutions
considered key to developing and making the city more                    for sustainability challenges such as population growth and
sustainable, therefore “water and its more sustainable use”              climate change.
is one of the most important topics for debate on the table.
                                                                         The Observatory prepares biennial reports looking to 2020,
The following topics have been analysed with several pertinent           which conclusions will enable making decisions and adopting
figures in the city:                                                     strategies to follow.

❚❚Aquifer management.
❚❚Diversification of sources of production.
❚❚Recovery technologies of wastewater.
❚❚Minimizing system losses.
❚❚Measures of awareness and involvement of the population.

The aim is to achieve maximum efficiency of resource use that
enables financial and social development in the present without
compromising the enjoyment of future generations.

Aqualia andthe City Council of Almería                                   Image of the debate at the “Social Responsibility in Aqualia” Forum.
are working onthe draft forthe
reuse of waterthat reachesthe water
treatment plant of El Bobar for use in

Active dialogue with stakeholders

       Aqualia has defined various communication channels adapted        Thus, in 2014 two surveys were launched: one for external
       to each interest group, among which the Corporate Social          stakeholders and an specific one for the “employees”.
       Responsibility Annual Report stands out, which reports the
       data, initiatives and issues most relevant to the organization.   The questionnaire for the external stakeholders has been
                                                                         directed to a representative sample of people who are directly
       In order to identify the most relevant financial, social and      related to Aqualia. Among the most important aspects of the
       environmental aspects, studies where stakeholders can             company are: the “strategy”, the “dialogue with stakeholders”
       express freely their concerns and interests in matters of Social  or “social performance”.
       Responsibility are carried out regularly.

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