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The employee survey was conducted on a sample of 1,575
people and 381 valid questionnaires were obtained. With the
results obtained the most relevant aspects regarding areas,
projects and initiatives of the company have been identified. Also,
the degree of accessibility and participation in social projects
has been reflected.

The most valued initiatives developed by Aqualia have been those
relating to “water quality”, “professional development” and
“customer service”.

As a result of this study, we have identified less and more relevant
aspects for stakeholders:

Aqualia INITIATIVES                                               Stakeholderstruly value Aqualia’s
                                                                  CSR Annual Report and especiallythe
   External stakeholders                                          accuracy of its data

    ƒƒSetting Aqualia's strategy.             MORE RELEVANT ASPECTS
    ƒƒDialogue with stakeholders:
    ƒƒObjectives and degree of compliance.                                           Employees
    ƒƒDefinition of the company's activity.
    ƒƒInformation on social performance.                                                      ƒƒInitiatives to improve water quality.
                                                                                              ƒƒActions to facilitate professional development.
                                                                                              ƒƒImprovements in customer service.
                                                                                              ƒƒMeasures to ensure equality and diversity.
                                                                                              ƒƒActions to improve occupational health.

External stakeholders                         LESS RELEVANT ASPECTS

ƒƒInformation on corporate governance.                                ƒƒActions to promote the sport.

ƒƒInformation on financial performance.                               ƒƒCollaborative efforts with universities and
                                                                        promotion of culture.
ƒƒInformation on performance in managing the
  team.                                                               ƒƒInitiatives to improve transparent billing and
                                                                        monitoring of consumption.

The results of the materiality study with stakeholders have been      ❚❚Promoting training and entrepreneurship: collaboration with
crossed with the aspects of greatest impact to the organization,        universities, new training programs ...
leading to the definition of the Lines of Action 2015.
                                                                      ❚❚Citizen participation: participation of an external CSR advisory
Lines of action 2015:                                                   team, creation of customer’s spokesman...

❚❚Promotion of sport and culture: new support actions, promoting      ❚❚Collaboration with NGOs: international cooperation in Peru,
  and sponsoring of sport and cultural activities.                      new national projects...

❚❚Actions for environmental and biodiversity improvement: Water
  Footprint calculation, Energy Efficiency Management Systems,
  dialogue platforms...

❚❚Support for disadvantaged social groups: social action projects,
  applying social tariffs...	

                                                                                               aqualia, THE COMPANY 23
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