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In addition, the company had a large presence at the 9th year of   coverage of the services provided, the low level of claims in
the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition held in Lisbon.          water quality, and energy efficiency in the distribution, becoming
Aqualia was one of the companies with the greatest presence        an exercise in transparency.
in the technical program, embodied in two oral presentations,
14 scientific posters and a workshop that have been prepared       Finally, the 2014 year of the National Congress of the
by the company’s research team. Regarding the exhibition, the      Environment (CONAMA) was held under the general theme
company as a platinum sponsor of the event had a stand in one      “Low carbon economy”. Within the ambitious program developed,
of the best areas, which served as a meeting place for employees   Aqualia technicians have been invited to participate in two
and customers of the company who attended the Congress.            sessions that have analysed the relationship between water and
                                                                   energy and, on the other hand, water management in times of
We must also mention the presence in the WEX Forum 2014            crisis, considering the need to provide universal access to water.
(Water and Energy Exchange), held in Madrid, where they were
able to share the experience in innovative technologies and their

In Bucharest, Aqualia New Europe, a company owned by Aqualia,
has participated in the Technical Seminar “Strengthening
sustainability in water companies: Assets and Sales
Management “. The event was organized by the Romanian
Water Association (ARA) in which Aqualia has shared its
experience of improving the quality of life of citizens with 33
regional operators of water and sanitation in Romania as well
as representatives financial Bureau of the Embassy of Spain.

On the other hand, Aqualia has participated since his experience               Representatives of the company in the corporate stand at the IWA World
as an international operator in the first European workshop on                                                       Water Congress & Exhibition held in Lisbon.
regulation involving key regulators, operators and investment
banks.The event marks the beginning of a debate at an European     Aqualia has been part ofthe jurythat
level on regulating entities in the water sector. At the meeting   selectsthe prizes forthe companies
recent regulatory experiences were discussed and analysed,         that stand for innovation inthe water
as well as relevant issues such as the need for indicators that    sector, and it handedthe WEX Aqualia
measure the quality of service in order to better serve society.   award for Innovation.

Aquajerez also participated in a new year of the International
Benchmarking Workshop in Antwerp. Data submitted by
the Aqualia subsidiary have excelled in terms of the excellent

In general, we are getting part of the recovery of the so called “financial” costs and barely the so called “environmental”
and “resource” costs. We need a stable framework that addresses sustainability.

Mariano Blanco
Managing Director of Aqualia’s International Customers

02.03 Corporate Social

Our vision

❚❚Ensuring complete, honest and transparent behaviour.
❚❚Extending corporate values to the entire value chain.
❚❚Maintaining an active dialogue and responding to stakeholders.

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