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Main references include the following:

                         Mexico   ❚❚Realito Aqueduct. This infrastructure is included within the 23-year concession
                                    for the provision of management and purification of water from the El Realito dam
                                    to the San Luis Potosí (Mexico) city, awarded by the State Water Commission
                                    of San Luis Potosí to a company consortium in which Aqualia participates. The
                                    management is responsible for transporting 1.02 m3/s from the dam to the
                                    treatment plant, and 1.0 m3/s from the latter to deliver tanks located in the city of
                                    San Luis Potosí, covering 40% of the needs of 342,680 water users, equivalent to
                                    a total of 1.2 million users. This project has won two distinctions: the award from
                                    the Global Water Intelligence publication for the innovative structure for financing
                                    the macroproject and the best project in Latin America for its innovative financing
                                    model given by the financial publication Euromoney.

                                  ❚❚Queretaro II Aqueduct. One of the most important hydraulic works of Mexico.The
                                    award was established for a period of 18 years for the provision of water supply
                                    to the city of Querétaro. The project aims to meet the challenges of water supply
                                    in the short, medium and long term of Santiago de Querétaro, releasing much of
                                    the pressure on the sustainability of the aquifer and ensuring the lowest possible
                                    cost of production. The length of the aqueduct is 123 kilometres and covers much
                                    of the territory of the State of Queretaro. Production capacity is 1500 litres per
                                    second and it rises a total height of about 1,200 meters from the diversion dam to
                                    the treatment plant. The project will provide drinking water to 700,000 people.

                         Chile    ❚❚The desalination of Copiapó, Chile’s first contract, comprises the engineering
                                    development of a desalination plant and the supply, installation and commissioning
                                    of electronic equipment. It will have a production capacity of 30 million litres
                                    of drinking water a day, a volume that will supply an estimated population of
                                    175,000 people in the northern region of Copiapó, near the desert of Atacama.

                         Uruguay  ❚❚Aqualia has signed the largest sanitation contract with the Montevideo government
                                    with an investment of over 48 million dollars. This is the most important work of
                                    the second stage of the “Urban Sanitation Plan IV” city program, which is running
                                    and it is expected that after completion will achieve a 100% sanitation coverage.

                                                             Underwater Emissary of Puntas Yeguas, Uruguay.

                                  Realito Aqueduct, Mexico.

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