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Aqualia, through Aqualia Infraestructuras, provides global        Aqualia Infraestructuras is a benchmark in the sector for its
solutions and operational capacity to design, develop and manage  expertise in project management, technology development and
water treatment plants anywhere in the world, whether they are    excellent quality of service, serving at an international level by
water treatment, recycling, waste water treatment, industrial or  offering innovative solutions thanks to its strong commitment
brackish water facilities.                                        to R&D.

The company offers tailored solutions according to the
requirements and needs of each client, either for the use of
water in industry, process water, wastewater, reuse or operation
and maintenance services.

                                                                   Urban management
                                                                  of the complete water


                                                                      Design, construction,
                                                                  operation and maintenance

                                                                    of water infrastructures

                                                                  High value-added services
                                                                     for urban or industrial

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