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Other notable projects in the continent are the construction of
                                                                   a water treatment plant in the city of Vrsac (Republic of Serbia),
                                                                   the wastewater treatment plant in Prizren, as well as the opening
                                                                   of two water treatment plants in Romania that treat more than
                                                                   1,460,000 m3 per year.

               WWTP of N.Jiín (SmVaK).


Aqualia has managed to strengthen its position in Latin America    The awarded contracts consolidate the company’s diversification,
thanks to the cultural affinity and contracts obtained in several  since they are related to supply and purification operations mainly
countries, among them Mexico and Chile.The company is working      for the mining and petrochemical industries.
on responding to the need for improved water management to
ensure the Complete water management realization of the water      One of the main innovations is the launch of the activities of
cycle and access to potable water to the entire population.        Aqualia Infraestructuras in Chile, who renewed his contract
                                                                   valued at 32 million euros.

                                                                   The Infraestructuray Desarrollo en
                                                                   México magazine includes Aqualia
                                                                   Infraestructuras inthe ranking ofthe

                                                                   topten water sector companies inthe



               chile                                               uruguay

                                                                            aqualia, THE COMPANY 15
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