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Qatar  ❚❚Aqualia has won a tender worth € 300 million for the management of the sanitation
                                  network of Al Dhakhira (Qatar) over the next 10 years.This contract marks the entry
                                  into the Qatari Emirate of the Spanish company, which completes its presence in
                                  the area after the awards achieved in Saudi Arabia and UAE. The project involves
                                  the design, construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment
                                  facilities, wastewater pumping stations, transfer pumping station and associated
                                  collectors transfer the city of Al Dhakhira in Qatar. The new plant will treat an
                                  average water flow of 56,200 m3 per day and will serve a population greater than
                                  200,000 people.

With the new contract in Qatar, sanitation management of the
city of Al Ain, and the Riyadh (Saudi capital) project, to improve
the efficiency of the distribution network, Aqualia strengthens its
presence in the Middle East and becomes the Spanish company
specializing in the management of the complete water cycle with
greater presence in the territory.

                                                                               Pumping station of Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

                         Zoning and control of leaks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Participation in international events

One more year, and thanks to Aqualia’s recognition both nationally             The company has also shared its knowledge at the AEDYR
and internationally, the company has been invited to participate in            (Congress of the Spanish Association of Desalination and Reuse)
the most renowned international events on water management                     International Congress in Seville, with two presentations that
where it has been able to share its experience with all interested             have addressed issues on the design and operation of facilities
parties.                                                                       as well as about new products and innovation.

Among the more outstanding events in 2014 is the IWS 2014,
Abu Dhabi (International Water Summit), where the company
has been able to discuss issues such as the efficient management
and maintenance of networks in areas with water supply
problems, based on its technical expertise and the solutions
implemented to enhance efficiency and reduce water losses in
the networks. During this event, SKY NEWS and CNBC were
interested in the work Aqualia carries out in the Middle East.

Aqualia has attended for the third time the XXVIII Annual
Convention and EXPO ANEAS, Mérida (Mexico) an event
focused on the nexus between water and energy to highlight
the actions that the company has developed in recent years in
the Aztec country.

                                                                               IWS 2014 Entrance Arches, Abu Dhabi.

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