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demonstrated that this Project has generated very     Formentera under the umbrella of the Alliance for
         significant positive impacts in 10 of the 17 United   Sustainable Water Management (an organisation made
         Nations Sustainable Development Goals.                up of representatives from public institutions, private
                                                               entities, civil society organisations and the farming
         We took a multidimensional approach in 2017 to roll   sector).. The campaign earned the “Communication
         out the “Myths about water management” campaign,      and Awareness” award within the “Sustainable Living
         widely appreciated in the sector. “Myths about water”   in Cities” initiative of the Forética Association.
         is intended to inform company stakeholders of the
         reality of end-to-end water cycle management and      In line with our internal commitment to creating
         the role of public and private operators. The campaign   a working environment where professionals can
         was conceived as a constructive way to tackle the     develop further, we became a certified family-
         most common misconceptions about the sector.          friendly enterprise in partnership with the Más familia
                                                               Foundation. We also continued implementing our
         Turning to the concept of connecting with citizens, the   second Equality Plan (2015-2018) in 2017 and secured
         fifteenth edition of the annual international children’s   an extension of the Equality Seal for another 3 years.
         digital drawing contest, launched on World Water      The Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
         Day, is intended to help children become familiar     granted this seal in recognition of the company’s
         through games and education with the entire water     commitment to diversity and equal opportunities for
         cycle. In 2017, the contest was focused on wastewater   men and women.
         treatment, reaching over 160,000 people, including
         students, teachers, employees, local governments and   The book “Mujeres en primera persona” (“Women in
         media.                                                First Person”) was published with a view to turning
                                                               the spotlight on the role that women have in the
         Our company shares its concern for the environment    water management sector. It describes the daily
         with all society, and therefore it is a key part of our   professional experiences of over 60 women working
         mindset when establishing our corporate objectives.   for the company or representing the local public
         Aqualia currently leads the sector in terms of e-billing.
         More than 330,300 citizens have chosen to receive     I would not like to finish this letter without
         only digital copies of their invoices avoiding a      congratulating our outstanding team of professionals
         significant waste of paper.                           at Aqualia. Our team consists of over 7,000 people
                                                               whose knowledge, hard work, perseverance and
         Another example of this environmentally responsible   passion for a well done job are continuously present
         philosophy is Aqualia´s first carbon fooprint certificate,   in their close engagement with the municipalities they
         issued by the Spanish Climate Change Office, proof of   work for.
         the  firm commitment of the company to identifying
         and quantifying direct and indirect emissions released   We will face a lot of challenges in the years to come.
         into the atmosphere with a view to reducing them.     The consensus and involvement of the entire company
                                                               will prove to be crucial. Aqualia is prepared and ready
         The EU Climate Action Commissioner inaugurated the    to meet the challenge. We shall remain focused on the
         final full-scale All-Gas Project: two hectares of algae   essential and resolved in our efforts to continue being
         cultures and a 2,700 m3 digester. The All-Gas Project   a company built around people and for people.
         is the world’s first algae biofuel plant already supplying
         vehicles.                                             Sincerely,
                                                               Félix Parra Mediavilla
         In a local context, and with a view to showcasing the   Chief Executive Officer
         quality of tap water, an event was organised for the
         50th anniversary of Bilbao’s water utility, CABB. All
         Bilbao residents were invited to take a test to identify
         their city´s water. The event tried to exemplify the
         numerous advantages of tap water, resulting from
         both its quality and its environmental and economic
         A further example of our commitment to sustainability
         is  the campaign for responsible use in Ibiza and

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