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04      April                    05      May                     06     June

                   World Water Day                      e-billing                       AEAS 2017
                Extensive participation in        Aqualia, water company            Aqualia participates
               different activities organised     with the highest number              in AEAS 2017.
                  by Aqualia for WWD.             of customers signed up
                                                   for e-billing in Spain.             Stela Awards
                 Occupational health                                               Award for commitment
                      and safety                   New Cairo Project              to workplace integration
                 Reading of the letter for     The United Nations accepted         presented by the Down
             occupational health and safety.      the case study that the          Syndrome Foundation.
                                                 IESE business school and
                                                Aqualia drew up for the New
                                               Cairo treatment plant project.

                  10    October                   11  November                     12    December

                 Pioneers in emissions          “Yo, Contigo” Campaign                All-Gas Project
                     management                 On November 25, we joined        European Commissioner for
               The Spanish Climate Change         our voices to say NO to         Climate Action and Energy,
                 Office of the Ministry of       Gender-related Violence.      Miguel Arias Cañete, inaugurated
              Agriculture, Fishing, Food and     In this case, Aqualia joined    the new stage of the All-Gas
                the Environment validated        the voices of employees       Project at the El Torno treatment
                Aqualia’s carbon footprint        and associates from the          plant in Chiclana (Cadiz).
               certificate for all its activities   Administration to say NO to
                        in 2016.                this social problem through           iAGUA Awards
                                               Aqualia recognised as the year’s
                   Fight for equality                                          top company in the water sector.
                                                  Agreement between
              The Ministry of Health, Social   Thames Water and Aqualia              EFR Certification
                Services and Equality has
                                                  The major British water
              renewed Aqualia’s distinctive     utility has opted to test the   Aqualia is the first national water
                 “Equality at Work” seal.                                      operator to certify reconciliation
                                                innovative and sustainable      with the EFR seal issued by the
              Women in the First Person       technology ELAN®, developed          Másfamilia Foundation.
                                                and patented by Aqualia in
              Presentation of a book on the   partnership with the University     A Truly Merry Christmas
             experiences of over 60 women       of Santiago de Compostela.
                    in their daily lives.                                          Aqualia partnered with
                                                                                   the Mensajeros de la Paz
                                                                                  association to ensure that
                                                                                   65 families in vulnerable
                                                                                situations would not go hungry
                                                                                  during the holiday season.

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