Innovation and environmental care

  • Maintain our commitment to innovation and new technologies.
  • Engagement to care for the environment and fight against climate change.
  • Commit to sustainable development with measures to prevent and reduce environmental impact.
  • Sensitise society regarding the importance of responsible water use.

Innovation in the water cycle

  • 20


    Active RD&i projects

  • 4.100.302 €

    4.100.302 €

    Direct RD&i investment

  • 10



Environmental impact management

  • 426.479 t.

    426.479 t.

    CO2 emissions from the comprehesive cycle

  • 3.347.591 GJ

    3.347.591 GJ

    Consumed electricity

  • 177.460 GJ

    177.460 GJ

    Produced renewable energy

Energy and climate change management strategy
Environmental respect and protection
Energy resource management efficiency
Economic efficiency in the application of energy

Circular economy approach

  • 840.340.866 m3

    840.340.866 m3

    of water captured

    for managemen

  • Efficiency


    Comprehensive water cycle efficiency

  • Innovation


    Wastewater treatment and reuse through innovative solutions