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With regard to the new structure of                             Aqualia's Senior Management
Corporate Departments, it is worth                                              Félix Parra
highlighting the creation of the Water
Engineering and Technology Management           Economic and Finance Manager                 Human Resources Manager
division, which is responsible for designing                  Isidoro Marbán                         Carmen Rodríguez
urban and industrial water treatment sys-
tems, as well as planning and implementing            Legal Affairs Manager                    Development Manager
individual projects, in coordination with                      Elena Barroso                          Antonio Vassal’lo
territorial organisation, both nationally and

                                                Communication and CSR Manager                Studies and Operations Manager
                                                              Juan Pablo Merino                            Pedro Rodríguez

                                                Water Engineering and Technology             Client Management and IT
                                                                  Manager                                Manager

                                                                 Javier Santiago                    Manuel Castañedo

Aqualia: covering all stages of the water cycle

Aqualia primarily engages in the manage-        These services include the design and        Aqualia also offers global solutions and
ment of municipal water services and the        construction of wastewater and desalina-     operational capacity to design, develop
operation of major Building, Operate and        tion treatment plants, where due to our      and manage turnkey projects and facilities,
Transfer projects.                              technological development, experience on     whilst adapting them to the needs and
                                                project management and excellent service     requirements of each client and country.
The company has also opted for diversifica-     quality Aqualia is regarded as one of the
tion, becoming the only company in Spain,       global benchmark companies, with major          Aqualia provides a service to
and one of the few in the world, capable of     projects over the length and breadth of         more than 23.5 million people.
providing any service related to the different  Spain as well as in other countries such as
uses of water.                                  Algeria, Egypt, Czech Republic or Mexico.


Municipal water  High value-added               Water           Operation and                Water
services.        services Public                infrastructure  maintenance.                 infrastructure
                 management                     design and                                   concession.
                 support.                       construction.

                                                                                             Company 11
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