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09 G4-4, G4-8

     Service quality and close relationship with clients

Aqualia's strategy is guided towards the       Another strategic pillar is the close rela-  Aqualia has 29 certified
end consumer with a particular emphasis        tionship we have with our clients. For this  laboratories, including 5 that
on the quality of the supplied product. This   purpose, Aqualia has set up a multi-channel  have obtained accreditations:
is why the company focuses on making           system that offers completely interactive    Oviedo, Ávila, Jerez de la
sure that the water reaches the user with      communication channels (face-to-face,        Frontera, Canary Islands and
maximum quality by conducting thorough         telephone and online).                       Lleida.
analyses in the company's laboratories.

New organisational structure

Throughout 2015, Aqualia adapted its
organisational structure to meet new needs
primarily due to the company's significant
international growth. This new structure
helps consolidate the company's national
leadership position and boosts its expansion
into uncharted markets.

All of Aqualia's activity is streamlined into
one single production line for all business

                                                                            Senior managers of Aqualia's new organisational structure.

                                               General Manager Aqualia
                                                            Félix Parra

               Corporate Departments           Managing Director for Spain                  Managing Director for International
10 Company                                              Santiago Lafuente                                     Luis de Lope

                                                           Area I                                        Europe
                                                      Juan Carlos Rey                                Guillermo Moya
                                               ❚❚ Galicia                                     ❚❚ Czech Republic
                                               ❚❚ North (Asturias, Cantabria and              ❚❚ Italy
                                                 Basque Country)                              ❚❚ Portugal
                                               ❚❚ Centre (Madrid, Castile-Leon)               ❚❚ Balkans
                                               ❚❚ Castile-La Mancha
                                                   Area II Manager                                 José Enrique Bofill
                                                     Juan Luis Castillo
                                               ❚❚ Balearic Islands                            ❚❚ Emirates and Qatar
                                               ❚❚ North-east (Catalonia, Aragon,              ❚❚ Saudi Arabia
                                                 Navarre and Rioja)                           ❚❚ Egypt
                                               ❚❚ Levante                                     ❚❚ EDAMS Algeria
                                                                                              ❚❚ Karnataka (India)
                                                   Area III Manager
                                                         Lucas Díaz                                LATIN AMERICA
                                                                                                        Emilio Soler
                                               ❚❚ Andalusia I
                                               ❚❚ Andalusia II                                ❚❚ Mexico
                                               ❚❚ Extremadura                                 ❚❚ Chile
                                               ❚❚ Canary Islands                              ❚❚ Colombia
                                                                                              ❚❚ Uruguay

                                                                                            USA, Caribbean and Brazil
                                                                                                   José Miguel Janices
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