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Being a specialised company operating in very varied countries           the different actions we have been carrying out with citizens, with
gives us unique experience, which allows us to provide the best          people, who are what matters to us. We are aware that we still
solutions, technology and service in each particular municipality,       have a long way to go. In these pages, we wanted to show the
for the specific infrastructure involved. Each one of our actions is     effort that Aqualia makes every day with its activities to contribute
translated into a more comprehensive citizen service, which Aqualia      to minimising or solving the problems facing citizens. It’s the small
fosters to ensure it is approachable, transparent and adaptable.         things in our day-to-day lives, the everyday effort to try to improve
And to do this, we work all year round on contributing to the            our surroundings... those are all that matter.
development of the towns in which we operate, involving our
people in local social causes through sporting, cultural and training    Félix Parra Mediavilla,
activities. In addition, we include our dedicated social commitment      General Manager of Aqualia
in all our business decisions.

We have also taken a stand against gender-based violence. All
Aqualia employees in Spain have joined the “Yo-Contigo” [I’m
With You] campaign to raise awareness of this social scourge.
Our bottom-up approach to educating children on responsible
water consumption has remained one of our concerns. The latest
International Children’s Contest, (our 13th!) on the occasion
of World Water Day once again proved a success in terms of
participation and, most importantly, it enabled us to demonstrate
to thousands of children the importance of taking care of water,
explaining why and how water reaches their homes, as well as
the enormous work lying behind their taps and drains; our work.

I wanted to give the presentation of Aqualia’s tenth CSR Report
the title of the moving story by Jan Goldstein, which calls for a
reflection on the value of life and the little things and minor details
that make living worthwhile. And I have highlighted just some of

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