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    Aqualia: a unique, people-centred company

Aqualia is the leading company in end-to-
end water management in Spain, third in
Europe and sixth worldwide, * in terms
of efficiency and protection of natural
resources. It has a solid know-how in end-
to-end water management, as well as in
the design, construction and operation of
urban and industrial water facilities.

                                                                                            *According to Global Water Intelligence report.

The social objective of Aqualia focuses on the collection of water, its adaptation for human consumption, distribution
and after-treatment, to ultimately return it to nature in adequate volume and quality, carrying out an efficient and
sustainable usage of the resources and materials used in the process.

In a short time the company has secured its  The high degree of specialisation and ex-         In Spain, Aqualia provides a service
position as a benchmark brand in the sector  perience enables the company to offer the         to over 850 municipalities and
on account of its high level of innovation   best technology solutions and provide an          more than 12 million people (36%
and specialisation thanks to an experienced  approachable, transparent and adaptable           of the national market).
and committed team that seeks ultimate       service to citizens.
efficiency in production processes.                                                         *According to 2014 Global Water Intelligence
                                             The company's responsibility to society         report.
Aqualia is present in more than 1,100        does not falter either; this is why we work
municipalities in 21 countries and serves    to develop the towns in which we operate,
a population of over 23.5 million people     involving employees in solidarity initiatives
worldwide.*                                  through sporting, cultural and training
                                             activities, and mainstreaming our social
                                             commitment into all business strategies.

                             Experience in the  Strong knowledge
                          management of water   of the institutional

                                    utilities            client

           International                                                                       Technological
            recognition                                                                     innovation in each

                                                                                               business area

                                 Innovative     Benchmark in the
                          management models        water sector

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