Working towards a better future

Aqualia assumes its responsibility to society and the environment by developing an R&D strategy that cares for such a necessary good for life as water. The company maintains permanent contact with the various agents in its surroundings to empower and improve the activity of the Innovation and Technology Department. Everyone in the organisation takes part in the innovation projects, from identifying opportunities to implementing the results, which are dedicated to improving performance in four key aspects:


To provide projects with the best resources, Aqualia participates in the main European, national and regional R&D programmes relating to water management. For this, Aqualia’s projects have co-financing from the Spanish government or from the European Union (7ºFP, LIFE, H2020, Eco-Innovation, etc.)
Currently, this effort has already generated five new products and processes that include new patents, thanks to the commitment of highly specialised personnel and a team of more than 30 persons dedicated exclusively to innovation.

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